Selected Proposal

So after consultation with Mr. KY, i decided to do a project on Fixed gear bike. As u all know, Fixed gear bike has becoming a trend now which i think it is a healthy way of socializing. Below are the proposal.

Title:  Fixed Gear

Background Research:

What is fixed gear bike? Fixed gear bike is a single speed bike without a free wheel gear. Whenever the bike is in motion, the pedals will go around. It is also the oldest and simplest type of bicycle. fixed gear is a fun way to keep a healthy lifestyle. Also, it helps to build bonds between other fixed gear riders from all over the world. There are many reasons why people ride a fixed gear bike. Fixed gear bike divide into 3 sections.

First, fixed gear bike used for track racing bike in velodrome. Velodrome is the place for fixed gear athlete race. There are many type of racing in velodrome.

Second, fixed gear bike for lifestyle. There are many ways to do fixed gear for lifestyle and fun. Riding fixed gear in the city together and do some trick or free style in fixed gear.

Third, fixed gear for messenger or cycle couriers are people who work for courier companies carrying and delivering items by bicycle. Bicycle messengers are most often found in the central business districts of metropolitan areas.



Fixed gear bicycles have become the ultimate item in urbanism.. Fixed gear bikes are simple and elegant, with clean lines and a genuine beauty which springs from their lack of complexity, stripped to the bare requirements of pedaling, steering and rolling. And they are becoming more popular as more people discover the joy of riding single speed and fixed gear.

Some of the features of those old track bikes, you might think, make the fixed gear less than ideal for riding in an urban setting, as opposed to riding indoors on a banked track, with no traffic or pedestrians to contend with. Others disagree. Fixed gear riders who ride without brakes have to anticipate their next move much further in advance than their free-wheeling colleagues.

Fixed gear riders talk of the feeling of Zen-like peace and flow as they become as one with their bike, flowing through the streets and cars of downtown. Others compare riding their fixed gear to a game of chess, anticipating the movement of the traffic as a chess player would anticipate the moves of his opponent, and reacting accordingly. In any event, the history and the evolution of the fixed gear have moved on to accommodate the needs of every rider, and in particular the urban rider.

Problem Identification:

Bicycle have transformed through time. Fixed gear bike started as a messenger bike that goes around the town delivering items. Courier companies use bike messengers because bicycle travel is less subject to unexpected holdups in city traffic jams, and is not deterred by parking limitations, fees or fines in high density development that can hinder or prevent delivery by motor vehicle, thereby offering a predictable delivery time.

Fixed gear also transformed from track bike racing in velodrome to be an urbanism sub culture. Even so, this bicycle is dangerous due of not having gears and breaks. Also, and not all fixed gear bike rider care about their proper equipment. Now a days fixed gear to be a lifestyle but so many teenagers don’t understand how to use properly the fixed gear bike and the equipment or fashion

– How to make riding more fun and artsy.

– How to fashionable in fixed gear

Aim and Objective

–       To give the fixed gear riders more enjoyable while riding.

–       To connect digital art with sports.

–       To make rider more stylish.

–       To make rider now the art of Fixed Gear bike.


I think it is important to give a new meaning to these sports, by combining it with art. Designers try to make their bicycle more appealing by installing various gadgets at their bicycle to make riding more fun and enjoyable.

Idea and Concept:

It will be projections mapping on a fixed gear bike which present in video documentary describing the fixed gear. Will be focuses on history, lifestyle,fashion and racing in fixed gear.

–       Pop culture

–       Connect digital art with sports

–       Colorful video


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