Project: Proposal 3




Dubstep now is a subculture urbanism in the world especially in Malaysia. It draws on many musical influences. Such influences include, dub, reggae, d’n’b, jungle, UK, grime, techno and Idm. Usually around 140bpm in tempo, the unifying sounds within dubstep are always bass and Sub-Bass. I am thinking to make audio visual installation to show the Dubstep are for.

Problem Identification

Dubstep is a music genre with high bpm, only a few people understand about this genre, because for making this music people have to combine electronic element and house music.

Aim and Objective

The purpose of this installation is for user to be able having a feeling of being a Dj and VJ.there’s a music involvement because at the same time they could play some songs or any types of Dubstep. The creation would be something that is simple, clean and original for us to mark the first setup of own installation art


Explore more about dubstep and try to make visualize related to dubstep. This fun project because I play with the music

Ideation and Concept

I would like to produce an interactive installation which will be a combination of music and visual. The visual can change and follow the bit rate of the music and user can change the bit rate of the music

Review, Analysis and Precedence Studies

Design Approach

–          More disco theme

–          Easy to use

–          Dark and glow color


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